Can multiple equipment and apparatus’ be disinfected at any one time in a room?

Yes, you could bring  wheelchairs in the room (space dependent) and sterilise at the same time. Obviously, this is a cost effective exercise.

How often do I need to use AsepticSure?

Once the area has been decontaminated to 99.9999% (6 Log) but this percentage can drop at any time if a bug/virus/bacteria is brought into the room. Naturally it will take a while for bacteria to build up again. When you think it is necessary to re-treat do so. If a hospital has just discharged a patient who has been isolated for a bacteria/virus/TB etc you would immediately treat the room to ensure sterility for next patient.

How long after the treatment can you use the room?

Immediately as there is no residue and smells like a spring morning after a rain storm.

Do I need to store electronics prior to treatment?

No, not necessary as has no effect on electrical equipment i.e. as the system is design for hospital operating theatres all equipment can stay in room. In fact you can add equipment that can be sterlised at the same time.

Can I leave fruit in bowls?

Yes you can,  a food scientist at Purdue had this to say.

"Kevin Keener, a food science professor at Purdue University, is doing a study on a method for ozonating fruit before it leaves its package. He has found that creating ozone inside a plastic bag of fruit kills food-borne bacteria. Even E. coli bacteria is killed after just 45 seconds of treatment".

Can pantry and cupboards be left open?

Yes we recommend this.

Does it penetrate carpets, drapes, bedding, furniture?

Yes, it is a gas so it penetrates everything in the sealed room.

Do we need to clean up afterwards?

No, there is no residue and the room can be occupied immediately.

What makes AsepticSure gold standard?

  • That it can decontaminate to 6 log
  • Turnaround time
  • Ease of operation
  • Cost effective uses a small amount of power, distilled water and 1% of Hydrogen peroxide
  • Environment that you want to clean is only out of action for maximum 90 minutes with a minimum of 45 minutes, depending on room size and reason for treating.
  • Trioxidane is the active ingredient responsible for it's anti-microbial properties

Do we need to turn off appliances?

No need to turn them off as our system is not wet nor conductive. 

Can you be in the room at the same time?

No, as the room is sealed and secured, then the AsepticSure machine is set to introduce its patented H203 gas. Nothing survives.

How clean is the room after ?

When you’re measuring this level of cleanliness, you count the nines that come after 99 per cent. Each tiny percentage eliminated is important because any leftover bacteria start reproducing after six hours and can regain full strength after five days.

A surgeon’s scalpel is sterilized to four decimal points, while rooms cleaned normally are only bacteria-free to one decimal point. Now, after a single fumigation, lasting about an hour, the room and everything in it can be as clean as that sterilized scalpel.

There are no bugs left to grow back.