AsepticSure Disinfection System Proving Successful In Canadian Hospital Trials - February 14, 2013

A new, broad spectrum HAI reduction technology has demonstrated outstanding efficacy and efficiency in trials held at Ontario’s Quinte Health Care (QHC) Belleville General Hospital.

San Francisco-based Medizone International announced today the successful completion of safety and preliminary operational trials of its AsepticSure system at QHC Belleville General Hospital, affiliated with Queen’s University.

Working with Contamination Control Company (C3), an Ontario-based provider of AsepticSure services in Canada, Medizone has unequivocally demonstrated the safety and ease of operation of its AsepticSure® disinfection process in a functioning health care setting.  Room turnaround times were less than 90 minutes.

Dr Michael E. Shannon, Medizone’s Director of Medical Affairs stated, “QHC already has an excellent HAI record, and to demonstrate success at one of their busy, acute community hospitals is extremely encouraging. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the introduction of AsepticSure into the healthcare industry will be seen as a breakthrough that could lead to hospitals achieving levels of infection prevention and control not considered possible, until now.

“AsepticSure will be establishing a new gold standard in the continuing quest for excellence in patient safety and quality health care. This notion is supported by the great ease-of-use and compatibility that the system demonstrated at QHC Belleville General Hospital.

"With these first very critical phases of our test program at QHC now successfully completed,” said Shannon, “we’re preparing to tackle infection control problems that have proven to be an ‘almost impossible’ challenge to modern cleaning processes at every hospital on this continent."