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Rapid MRSA regrowth after Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour 

Ozone & Hydrogen Peroxide in Biological Systems

  • Antibodies have been shown to have catalytic activity that produces BOTH H2O2 AND O3 – BUT the amount produced of each is so low that neither could kill any microorganism
  • Trioxidane (H2O3) has been detected as the extremely reactive intermediary molecule of this reaction
  • Trioxidane is lethal to organisms in minute amounts!

Nyffeler, Wentworth & Lerner et al. Angewandte Chemie 2004, from Scripps Research Institute and Oxford University

AsepticSure Microbiology Techniques

1cm stainless steel disks as the bacteria & spore carriers.  The quantitative carrier test (QCT-2) standard used or modified.

Characteristics of the Ideal Room Disinfection System

  • Highest possible kill of all relevant organisms especially C. difficile spores
  • Fast
  • Simple to perform
  • Cost effective
  • Can be safely deployed
  • No environmental residues
  • Reduces incidence of healthcare infections
  • High quality supportive scientific evidence

    AsepticSure is a Totally Effective
    Room Disinfection System

    AsepticSure® uses a patented combination of ozone gas and
    hydrogen peroxide vapour to provide a synergy which allows
    100% kill of pathogens

    Minimum 6 log kill of all bacteria and spores as demonstrated by published scientific evidence
    (American Journal of Infection Control Paper December 2011)


    AsepticSure performance for disinfection of surfaces is not affected by direct line of sight or distance from the unit. The AsepticSure system contacts all spaces and surfaces

    90-minute room cycle to achieve no recoverable C. difficile spores and other antibiotic resistant organisms from all environmental surfaces